An adaptable staircase that pleases the eye – An architect’s view on our staircase system

Synopsis Architects is a Helsinki-based architecture office specialized in demanding renovations. Steelpro is their trusted cooperation partner, and Synopsis’ architects repeatedly use Steelpro’s aluminium staircase system SP200 and other products in their projects. We spoke with Synopsis’ founder and director Mikael Haasmaa to find out how the cooperation has worked, and what makes them choose Steelpro’s products over others.

Adaptability is the key

Synopsis Architects was founded in 2016 and has fast grown into an office of 25 architects. Even though the company is still young, the people behind it have over 20 years of experience in architecture, such as office and retail projects.

Mikael Haasmaa got acquainted with Steelpro’s products years ago, and has used the SP200 staircase system in multiple projects. Before the SP200 came on the market, Haasmaa was already using Steelpro’s glass railings in his designs.

“The railings look sleek and are easy to use. Steelpro always takes the client’s requests into consideration, for example when it comes to the fasteners”, Haasmaa summarises the reasons for choosing Steelpro’s glass railings.

Haasmaa has used the SP200 aluminium staircase system in his designs since it came on the market, and according to him, it is one of the kind in Finland.

At the moment there isn’t another solution in the market that is as light and adaptable

“At the moment there isn’t another solution in the market that is as light and adaptable. With Steelpro, we don’t need to choose from ready-made options. Instead, we always get a solution that is suitable for the specific project”, Haasmaa says.

Haasmaa continues that thanks to the adaptability, the staircase system is suitable for various projects.

“We have used the staircase systems for example in office spaces, lobbies and store spaces. The adaptability is one of the best qualities of the staircase system, since we can always design them to suit each building”, Haasmaa explains.

A staircase that supports the architect’s design

The SP 200 staircase system also pleases Haasmaa’s eye, which is particularly important from an architect’s point of view. The staircase system has a light and sleek look, which supports Synopsis’ clear-cut and nordic architecture.

Haasmaa also commends Steelpro for their cooperations skills. He says working with Steelpro is easy, and they always help with the technical execution.

“Steelpro cooperates smoothly with other contractors on the building site. There are lots of moving parts in each project, and Steelpro’s people are great at taking that into consideration”, Haasmaa comments.

Haasmaa says that all their clients have been satisfied with Steelpro’s staircases, and they will continue using Steelpro’s products in their designs. Lastly, Haasmaa summarises his reasons for choosing Steelpro’s products:

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