Five ways in which aluminium staircase system allows creative design

What is the first image that comes to mind when you hear someone talking about aluminium staircases? Typically, aluminium staircases are associated with temporary solutions used in industry and at building sites. However, we’re planning on changing the association with our SP200 aluminium staircase system.

Our staircase system differs radically from the common associations that are evoked by aluminium staircases. SP200 is a permanent and versatile aluminium staircase solution that can be used in both public buildings and private houses. It allows the designer to create a staircase with a modern and sleek look, and furthermore, it’s adaptable and fast to install.

The SP200 staircase system is a great tool for architects and interior decorators, because it allows multiple opportunities for creative design.

These are the top benefits of the SP200 staircase system for designers.

  1. You can create different shapes

With the SP200 staircase system, you can make a I-, L- or U-shaped staircase. The landings are also made of aluminium and can be covered with the same material as the steps.

  1. Integrated glass railings for a light look

By accompanying the staircases with Steelpro’s integrated glass railings, you can create a sleek and light look. The railings can also be installed in other spaces in the building to create a consistent style. You can choose from a wide selection of handrails, made of different materials and offering various fastening options.

  1. Adaptable steps

The steps can be covered with various materials such as wood, laminate, carpet, tile etc. You can choose between closed and open steps, depending on whether you prefer a lighter or a sturdier look. The steps are available in two sizes, which makes them suitable also for narrow spaces.

  1. Multiple colour options to choose from

All aluminium surfaces can be powder coated with a wide variety of colours. You can choose any RAL-colour of your liking.

  1. DWG files available

We have DWG files of the staircase system and its components, which we’ll be happy to send on request to designers.

Summary of the benefits of the SP200 staircase system:

  • The SP200 system can be used for building various types of staircases.
  • A light and sleek look that is supported by integrated frameless glass railings.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of covering materials and colours to create a unified look.
  • To help designers with their work, we offer DWG files of the staircase system on request.

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