Glass railing profile LK112, adjustable glass

2,0 - 3,0kN/m

LK112 adjustment profile is designed for applications involving heavy loads, e.g. shopping centres, schools and other public facilities. This profile incorporates an adjustment feature that enables the glass panes to be aligned following their installation. The glass pane one meter in height can be adjusted 40 mm in both directions and the inclination of the profile can be adjusted by approx. 2.5 degrees.

Anodized aluminium is also excellent for outdoor applications because it does not rust nor oxidize. The profile can be powder-painted in all RAL Classic colours. The profile is fastened at the base or on the side. The glass railing may be finished with the stylish Steelpro handrail which is designed to be mounted laterally or on the top of rail itself.

For glass thicknesses: 20.76-25.52 mm (10+10 and 12+12)

Stock length 6050 mm

The locking wedge is locked into position using Steelpro ML280 anchoring compound. More details are provided in the installation manual.

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LK112 glass railing profile
Side and base fastening
Possibility of adjusting glass panes
For outdoor and indoor applications
Suitable for private facilities
Suitable for public facilities
Powder-painted in RAL colours
Stock length 6050 mm
Glass thicknesses used (min-max) 20,76-25,52 mm
Fastening anchors M12
Spacing of fastening holes 300 mm
Load class 2,0-3,0 kN/m
Max. railing height 1200 mm

To ensure safety, the profiles must be fixed according to the installation instructions. The glass used must be tempered and laminated safety glass. If the railing glass should break, the possibility of someone falling must be prevented. This is why the glass panes must always be fastened to each other by means of handrails, point fasteners or an Alu-U list mounted on top of the glass panes.