LM280 anchoring and locking compound

Steelpro LM280 anchoring compound is used to lock LK110 and LK112 profile adjustment wedges and for anchoring all our glass profiles.

This anchoring compound is suitable for concrete, brick, stone and block constructions in dry and humid conditions.

This product enables fastening without rest stress, which means that small edge distances can be applied when fastening to concrete. The compound is well suited for hollow-core slabs, perforated tiles and porous materials, and allowing either a plastic or metal mesh sleeves to be used. The two-component compound tube enables accurate and easy dosage.

When handling the compound, it is important to store of the compound tube according to the instructions. When installing, the temperature of the compound must be at least +10°C. The used nozzle is replaced by a new nozzle only when the tube is re-used: this prevents blocking up of the tube opening.

VMK-SFZ ETA-15/0858 + ETA-16/0808: ETA approvals when installing into cracked and non-cracked concrete and masonry.

Anchoring rod
For lateral or base fastening
For outdoor and indoor applications
Suitable for private facilities
Suitable for public facilities
ETA-approved anchoring compound