SP200 staircase system


Modern-day staircase system are challenging traditional steel staircases

SP200 Steelpro’s own system is an aluminium profile system based staircase.
Staircases were originally developed to serve as tools for architects and builders, to enable them to implement staircase with style and ease of construction.

Our staircase can be compared directly to a steel staircase and it provides significant advantages over the entire staircase lifespan, from design to installation and to end users.

Architects can feel secure when placing SP200 staircases in buildings, the quality and appearance of the product do not bring any surprises. When using profiling technology, the repeatability of the same parts guarantee that the surface quality is always achieved in the same finished product. However, this does not prevent designers from modifying the staircases, if they wish to do so. All aluminium surfaces can be powder-coated in RAL colours and the coverings of the steps can be virtually of any material from parquet to carpet. The railing glass panes can be tinted or decorated with digitally printed patterns, and we also have many handrail options to choose from.

Contractors can also enjoy many advantages. Since this is a certified system, based on replicated modular structural elements, the strength of the staircases and their limitations can easily be determined. For basic solutions, we can directly rely on existing standard calculations, but if a special structure is needed, we simply need to define the support requirements. A great advantage of the stairs is their weight. When refurbishing buildings and when connecting floors, the edges of the new opening often need supporting structures to bear the weight of the staircases. SP200 staircases weight is only about 150 kg/m when the width of the staircase is about 1 m and glass panes are installed on both sides. The staircase is so light that it does not usually need additional supports for the floor structure.

Builders know already during the bidding phase that the architect has made a good choice and that installing the staircase will be a smooth qualitative procedure. Thanks to the aluminium structure, there is hardly any hot-work to be done during installation, and the quality of the result is always known in advance. The significant documents are also in order, because Oy Steelpro Ltd applies CE marking on its products as per the EN1090-2 quality management system. SP200 staircases are assembled at the construction site and they are introduced in parts, consequently no dedicated entry openings need to be made when refurbishing buildings.

Contractors benefit from SP200’s ease of installation when compared to conventional staircases.
Production takes place in exactly the same form as steel staircase. The process begins with drafting the staircases’ production drawings, e.g. by using Autocad, and the contractor’s designer/draughtsman will receive training in this from Steelpro’s competent staff. Because the staircase parts are replicated, there is no need to start from scratch each time, as the existing DWG library serves as a good basis. Once these drawing are ready, it is time to order the material.

A normal straight steel staircase can take 4-8 days to manufacture, depending on the staircase, but our aluminium system can be ready even in 1-2 days. Production is also facilitated by the repeated use of the same profiles, and new project-specific jigs no longer need to be constructed. The profile of the staircases is already provided with grooves and the technology of the glass railing does not require any poles, so that aspect can also be ignored at the manufacturing stage. Manufacturing our staircase is mainly a matter of cutting the aluminium profiles according to the required dimensions and then bolting the components together.

Installation is far easier, than dealing with conventional steel-framed staircases, simply because our light-weight staircases are far easier to handle. Since the staircases are always assembled on site, two workers can carry them in one section at a time. The installing of straight staircases takes 1-2 days with two workers. This is sufficient time to put the staircases in place, fit the glass panes and complete the step covering. Learn how the installation is done by watching our installation video.

The satisfaction of the customer/end user is guaranteed once the chosen staircase has been installed. The final outcome of a staircase based on the SP200 system can be likened to the fitting of décor and furnishings. The modern-day material options guarantee the enduring durability of the product for many years. A general problem with staircases has been their irritating creaking noises, which can be due to a number of reasons. The SP200 aluminium system does not creak and the MDF boards inside the steps absorb sounds when stepped. The rigid structure of the staircase makes it sturdy and stylish, modern-day full-length glass railings provide the finishing touch to the staircase.

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SP200 stairways
For outdoor and indoor applications
Suitable for private homes
Suitable for public facilities
Powder-painted in RAL colours
Free-choice step coating
Glass thicknesses used (min-max) 12,76-17,52 mm
Max. railing height 1200 mm
Maximum step width (w/o additional supports) 1500 mm
Stairway length, maximum (w/o additional support) 6000 mm

Due to the grooved shape of the staircase steps, they can be coated with virtually any material.

You can choose the same floor material used elsewhere in the facility: parquet, tile, laminate or even wall-to-wall carpet.

A piece of MDF board is glued to the bottom of the step, its thickness being relative to the thickness of the final coating, and it is an excellent option as it silences the sound produced when people tread the staircase. With the pieces of MDF board in place, the final coating is glued to the MDF board and the staircase is then ready for use!

The railing glass used, must be tempered and laminated safety glass. If the railing glass should break, the possibility of someone falling must be prevented. This is why the panes of glass must always be locked to each other by means of the handrails, point fasteners or an Alu-U list mounted on top of the glass panes.

SP200 staircases meet the requirements of the Finnish building regulations applicable to public and private facilities.

The staircase landing can be made of aluminium or steel. SP200 staircases always require a straight landing at the turning points. We cannot add “fan-shaped” steps to the landings of the staircases we offer, as the landing must always be implemented as a straight formation.

Landings are made of aluminium whenever possible compatibly with structural and strength factors. In project designs where the shape or strength requirements of the staircase need more support, the landings must be made of steel. As with the step profile of the SP200 staircase, any coating can be installed on the landings: parquet, tile, laminate or carpet. This way the surface of the steps and the surface of the landing are uniform and easy to install.

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