Glass railings

Steelpro LK systems are pioneering solutions in glass railing manufacturing. The glass railing we have designed can be installed without vertical poles, which makes it attractively stylish and modern. Glass railings are suitable for all kinds of facilities and they can also be used for purposes such as providing wind protection.

World Class Innovation! The adjustable glass railing profiles (LK110 and LK112) are the fastest and easiest to install on the market, because special tools are not required. These new profiles have an adjustment feature that allows the glass panes to be aligned at the last stage of the installation. One meter in height, the glass panes can be adjusted by approx. 40 mm in each direction and the profile inclination can be set within a range of approx. 2.5 degrees.

Our glass railing profile is made using aluminium extrusion technology, which results in a very clean and even finish. The profile can be powder-painted in all RAL Classic colours. This comprehensive and adaptable solution has been meticulously designed thought out and it is very competitively priced.

LK glass railing systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Our glass railing systems do not contain any components subject to rust, as all of the profiles and fastenings are made of aluminium. When you make the right choice and opt for our glass railing profiles, glass panes and handrail systems, you will acquire a durable and secure package, guaranteed to withstand the stresses of use and inclement weather.

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