Step into a modern era of staircases

Whether it’s a question of a public building or a private house, a staircase is often a central part of the building. But what are the characteristics of a high standard, modern staircase?

A staircase should be easily modified within certain parameters, which makes architect’s work smoother and faster, while keeping options open when it comes to visual and structural design. Modern and light look with glass railings is a must when talking about today’s staircases. The staircase must be safe and rigid, and no compromises should be made with the finishing quality.

When developing the SP200 staircase system, Steelpro had these challenges in mind. Steelpro already has an excellent reputation in manufacturing glass railings that are made using aluminium extrusion technology. That led Steelpro to think, what else could be done with the same technology. The result was SP200 aluminium staircase system, that revolutionized staircase manufacturing. Steelpro created a new and unique product for architects for designing a staircase.

A new and unique product for architects for designing a staircase

A staircase system without welding

What exactly is special about a staircase system that is made by using aluminum profile technology? SP200 staircase system competes with traditional steel staircases but has advantages over them from both the architect’s and fabricator’s point of view.

First of all, the staircase is manufactured using aluminium profiles. Aluminium is lighter than steel making it easier to handle and much faster to install. Steel staircases allow multiple solutions, but in the end, the final visual outcome is always dependent on the fabricator. For example, how will the workers finish the welding seams and how much time will they spend finalizing the product?

The outcome doesn’t depend on the fabricator

With a staircase made with aluminium profile technology, the final result is predictable. There’s no need for hot works at the building site. The staircase is built by bolting aluminium components together, which means the seams are only slim lines instead of welding seams. The outcome won’t bring any surprises, since it doesn’t depend on the fabricator.

Faster and easier installation

Thanks to the modularity, the SP200 staircase system is easy to place in a project, since we already know what kind of loads it can take and what requirements it can meet. Therefore, it is easy to check that the staircase is suitable for the project without spending too much time on structural aspects.

Also, the manufacturing and installation speed play a role when planning a staircase. For example, imagine a renovation project on the 5th floor, where two floors will be connected to each other. With traditional steel staircase there are two options. You can build the staircase inside the renovation area from scratch or make a hole in the outer wall of the building. Both options are expensive and might bring problems. Instead, you can carry SP200 staircase system in prefabricated parts to the 5th floor. The installation is made quickly without any hot works on site.

Numerous customizing options

One of the advantages of SP200 staircase is the number of different customizing options. The staircase can be powder-coated with any desired RAL-colour, and since the aluminium surface is always smooth, the result will be of high-quality. The steps can be covered with the same material as the floors, for example parquet, laminate or tile.

Aluminium staircases

On the left, the steps are covered with the same tiles as the floor. On the right, the steps are covered with parquet matching the floor.

The steps can be left open to give a light impression, or they can be closed to create a sturdier look. It’s easy to create different shapes by using landings, also made of aluminium.

In conclusion, aluminium profile staircases can replace traditional steel staircases in most projects, only the same solutions can be made much faster and the outcome is more clean-cut.


  • SP200 staircases are manufactured using aluminium profiles
  • Premade structural calculations to determine where to use the staircase
  • In many cases, using the aluminium profile system helps to reduce the construction costs
  • High quality results, always without surprises
  • Number of different customizing options
  • Aluminium profile staircases can replace traditional steel staircases in most projects

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